About Beth & Andrew

Beth Hamilton-Cardus – Project Co-Ordinator Beth’s theatrical career began (depending on whether you ask her Mum or her Dad) with either an unexpected cameo in a Fringe production of ‘Revolting Rhymes’ when she rolled on to the stage laughing, or with a death-defying turn as the Star of Bethlehem in the Capshard Primary School’s 1989 … Continue reading About Beth & Andrew

The Board

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A History…

We always say it started with a sewing machine – let us rewind to 2006, in a pub basement in Edinburgh, where Andrew and Beth are allegedly rehearsing for their first ever Edinburgh University comedy show. Instead, we are playing about with an old Singer sewing machine (we think it was meant to be part … Continue reading A History…

Mission Statement

Suit and Pace produce community comedy, aiming to educate, entertain and engage communities by tackling serious issues with humour. Our long term aim is to improve lives within our local community through the use of comedy. We work towards the following outcomes – Educate Increased knowledge and understanding of key issues for community members. Entertain … Continue reading Mission Statement

Social Impact

We are committed to improving the lives of the members of our community, and aim to create a long term social impact through our work. Our focus is on performing for children, young people and vulnerable adults, as well as staff and carers supporting these groups. Following our performances, 86% of audience members report having … Continue reading Social Impact

Annual Report

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